Singha Beer Looks to Expand Across Southeast Asia Market via The One Centre - Branding In Asia

Sydney agency The One Centre has been working with Thailand’s Singha International Headquarter Company to reposition Singha Beer and Leo Beer in 15 key growth markets across South East Asia.

​Singha is now rolling out a campaign that aims to increase brand awareness across South East Asia, by positioning it as Asia’s Global Premium Beer with the tagline, ‘Fortune favours the first. Start it with Singha.’

Visually, The One Centre has animated Singha’s lion using liquid gold to symbolize “the magic that occurs when you step out and start something, and SINGHA’s pioneering spirit as an Asian beer that’s taking on the world.”

“We asked The One Centre to help us develop a challenger positioning that could flow across multiple markets and channels in South East Asia to drive growth,” said York Spencer, Regional Marketing Director for SINGHA and LEO Beer’s International Headquarter Company. “‘Start it with SINGHA’ is a call to action to make the first move on your passions and dreams. It taps into our heritage as a pioneering brand that has been blazing a trail as Asia’s global premium beer since 1933.”

John Ford, CEO and Founder of The One Centre, added: “We wanted to position SINGHA as a brand that belongs to Asia but is playing on a global stage thanks to its global mindset and entrepreneurial spirit. Our campaign idea is a call to action to make the first move on life and good times. Because “Fortune Favours the Firsts’ – it’s an irrefutable truth.”

For LEO Beer, The One Centre has developed a challenger stance that brings LEO’s leopard spots to life and positions the brand as ‘South East Asia’s official beer of nighttime fun’.

“LEO is Thailand’s most popular beer and it’s rising to become the beer of choice on the streets of South East Asia. By declaring LEO as the region’s ‘official’ beer of nocturnal leisure and fun, we are targeting anyone who works hard and plays hard, who aspires to more from life, and who is looking for opportunities to express their wild side,” explains Katie Molloy, The One Centre’s General Manager.

Singha International’s parent, Boon Rawd Brewery, Thailand’s first brewery, was founded in 1933. They began exporting Singha in 1989; it is now available in 65 countries and counting. Leo Beer launched in 2002 and is available in 25 countries.

Credit : Branding In Asia Singha Beer Looks to Expand Across Southeast Asia Market via The One Centre